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Colonial Virginia![print questions]

What are 3 examples of cultural landscapes?
a) barnes, homes, churches
b) buildings, homes, schools
c) schools, homes, churches
d) railroads, automobiles, ships

Which place name came from the English culture?
a) Roanoke
b) Potomac
c) Yorktown
d) Allegheny

Which term means *moving from one place to another*
a) culture
b) cusoms
c) cultural landscapes
d) migrate

Which was NOT a reason why the capital was moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg?
a) Unhealthy living conditions caused diseases
b) It was too cold
c) The drinking water was contaminated
d) Fires destroyed buildings

Which term meand *buy now, pay later*?
a) credit
b) debt
c) savings
d) money

What term means *debt*?
a) saving money to spend later
b) owing another person a good or service
c) cash crop
d) barter

What does the word barter mean?
a) buy
b) sell
c) trade
d) debt

What was a reason that the capital moved from Williamsburg to Richmond?
a) Richmond was on the water
b) The drinking water was bad
c) People didn't like it
d) It increased distance in case of attack by the British

Which group of people settled primarily in the Shenandoah Valley, along the migration route?
a) American Indians
b) English
c) Scots-Irish and Germans
d) African Americans

The culture in Virginia reflected which cultures?
a) African only
b) American Indian, African, Eurpoean
c) American Indian only
d) European Only

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