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Name a test used to identify a mineral.
a) streak test
b) acid test
c) hardness test
d) all of the above

The major agents of erosion are...
a) wind, water and ice
b) Calcium, Lithium and Beryllium
c) boats and cars
d) pollution and global warming

Which theory is used to explain the movement of crustal plates?
a) gravity
b) plate tectonics
c) theory of relativity
d) law of reflection

What geological event(s) can occur near an oceanic and continental plate boundary?
a) volcanic activity
b) earthquakes
c) mountain building
d) all of the above

What is the thinnest layer of the earth?
a) crust
b) mantle
c) outer core
d) inner core

What is the hottest layer of the earth
a) crust
b) mantle
c) outer core
d) inner core

What layer of the Earth can we observe directly?
a) crust
b) mantle
c) outer core
d) inner core

What type of rock forms directly from magma?
a) metaphoric rock
b) igneous rock
c) sediments
d) sedimentary rock

Identify a process for the formation of sedimentary rock.
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) all of the above

How does metamorphic rock form?
a) Magma cooling
b) weathering and erosion
c) great heat and pressure
d) deposition, burial, compaction, and cementation

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