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What term describes the amount of energy it would take to remove the most loosely bound electron from at atom?
a) Ionization Energy
b) Electronegativity
c) Atomic Radius
d) Perfrunctorality

What term describes an atoms attraction to electrons when involved in a chemical bond?
a) Ionization Energy
b) Electronegativity
c) Atomic Radius
d) Light

What term is used to describe an atom that has its electrons moved to a higher than normal energy level?
a) Light
b) Ground
c) Stable
d) Excited

What term is used to describe the outermost shell of electrons?
a) Valence
b) Haplotype
c) Bohr
d) Principal Energy Level

What term is to describe the most desirable number of electrons in the valence shell?
a) Binary Configuration
b) Positive Neutron
c) Octomom
d) Stable Octet

Which energy level has the lowest amount of energy?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The color of light given off by an electron dropping down to a lower energy level depends on
a) the color of the light you need
b) the type of electron given off
c) the distance the electron drops
d) the amplitude of the wave

What happens to an electron when it is given energy?
a) It goes down an energy level
b) It goes up an energy level
c) It gives off light
d) It turns into a proton

When an electron goes down an energy level it gives off energy in the form of
a) neutrons
b) protons
c) positrons
d) light

The current quantum mechanical model of the atom say that an electrons path around the nucleus is more like a
a) Lightening strike
b) Cloud
c) Jelly donut
d) Rain drop

Neils Bohr observed that light was given off in specific wavelengths and that each element emitted a specific spectrum of colored waves. This led him to conclude that electrons travel around the nucleus in
a) diffraction gratings
b) positrays
c) energy levels
d) taxi cabs

Ernest Rutherford used an intricate experiment involving gold foil and alpha particles to determine that an atom is made up mostly of
a) protons
b) empty space
c) fruitons
d) electrons

JJ Thompson’s “Chocolate Chip Cookie” (or plum pudding) model said that there must be something “stuck” in the positively charged “cookie dough.” What are they?
a) Protons
b) Positrons
c) Neutrons
d) Electrons

Who developed the early model of the atom, saying that it was a solid, indestructible sphere?
a) John Dalton
b) Isaac Boone
c) JJ Thompson
d) Ernest Rutherford

When an atom of an element gains or loses an electron in becomes an
a) prion
b) isotope
c) inversion
d) ion

Positively charged ions are also known as
a) Anions
b) Cations
c) Positrons
d) Covalences

What type of ion has a larger radius than the original atom?
a) Gamma
b) Positron
c) Cation
d) Anion

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