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What is a typewriter used for?
a) writing text
b) drawing pictures
c) designing cards
d) converting words to text

What is a fax machine used for?
a) sending a latter
b) sending documents via phone line
c) designing posters
d) sending recorded messages

Whats does email stand for?
a) easy mail
b) exciting mail
c) everything mail
d) electronic mail

What does a photocopier NOT do?
a) prints
b) takes pictures
c) copies
d) scans

What does a fire alarm do?
a) puts a fire out
b) alerts people to a fire
c) starts a fire
d) tells you to practice a drill

Where would you have a keypad?
a) on a bathroom door
b) on a car door
c) on a padlock
d) entrance to a building

What does a projector NOT link with?
a) mp3 player
b) computer
c) DVD player
d) games console

What does thermostat control?
a) time
b) electricity
c) water
d) temperature

What do you do with an intercom?
a) listen to music
b) talk to someone
c) make a phone call
d) watch a screen

What is a telephone exchange?
a) directing phone calls to the right place
b) a directory of numbers
c) an answer machine
d) a phone repair shop

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