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After a volcanic eruption has covered an area with lava, which of the following is the most likely order of succession in the repopulation of the area?
a) lichens - grasses - shrubs - trees
b) mosses-grasses - lichens - trees
c) grasses - trees- mosses -lichens
d) shrubs - grasses - trees- lichens

If a paleontologist finds fossils of many different species existing in the same area at approximately the same time, the paleontologist can conclude that the ecosystem in this area had a high degree of -
a) climatic variation
b) episodic speciation
c) biological diversity
d) geographic isolation

Which organisms are carnivores
a) rabbits and birds
b) carrots and grasses
c) grasshoppers and mice
d) foxes and owls

Which organisms receive energy from the grasshopper?
a) mice and birds
b) grasses and grains
c) mice, owls, and birds
d) owls and birds

Earth has a variety of environments. Each with different resources. Insecticides and Pesticides affect the environment by _______________.
a) increasing salinity of the oceans
b) changing the landscape of an area through erosion
c) collecting in and polluting fresh water supplies
d) destroying fossil fuels that are important energy sources

Uneaten food parts such as orange peels and eggshells can be placed in which container to conserve resources?
a) a trash can
b) a compost pile
c) a garbage landfill
d) a recycling container

All of the following are ways that the atmosphere makes the existence of life on earth possible EXCEPT --
a) maintains a constant temperature.
b) shields Earth from small collisions
c) offers protection from radiation
d) allows for gas exchange between plants and animals.

Which organ system contains two large sacs with the exchange of gases taking place in the alveoli?
a) nervous
b) digestive
c) circulatory
d) respiratory

Where does a chemical reaction take place in the digestive system?
a) esophagus
b) stomach
c) rectum
d) anus

When communities replace one another in an ecosystem after a forest fire, what kind of ecological succession does this represent?
a) primary
b) secondary
c) primary and secondary
d) primary then secondary

Which of these best illustrates natural selection?
a) An organism with favorable genetic variations will tend to survive and breed successfully.
b) A population monopolizes all of the resources in its habitat, forcing other species to migrate.
c) A community whose members work together utilizes all existing resources and migratory routes.
d) The largest organism in a species receive the only breeding opportunites.

In a food web, what does the arrows represent?
a) flow of energy
b) life cycle stages
c) one community replacing another
d) renewable resource depletion

The bands on a pair of chromosomes represent ?
a) egg cells
b) sperm cells
c) reproductive hormones
d) specific genes

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