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Which process involves choosing certain organism to reproduce with one another in order to pass on specific, desirable traits to their offspring?
a) selective breeding
b) asexual reproduction
c) resource acquisition
d) natural selection

IN the large intestine, excess water is removed from waste before it is removed from the body. Why is this an example of a physical change that occurs during digestion?
a) a new product is formed
b) a state of matter (liquid to solid) change occurs
c) a temperature change occurs
d) acids help remove the water from the waste

Which of the following examples represents a chemical change that occurs in the mouth during digestion?
a) teeth mashes food
b) food mixes with water in saliva
c) tongue pushes food around mouth
d) enzymes in saliva break apart starches and fats in food

One important difference between living things and nonliving things is that only living things have
a) compounds
b) elements
c) molecules
d) cells

According to the cell theory, all organisms extract energy from food to sustain life. Which body system is primarily responsible for ensuring that cells have the energy they need available to them?
a) circulatory
b) digestive
c) endocrine
d) excretory

The basic life functions of an organism are carried on by -
a) cells
b) nutrients
c) atoms
d) hormones

What is the function of DNA in a cell?
a) regulating the movement of nutrients
b) storing and releasing chemicals
c) carrying genetic material
d) providing energy for activities

Chromosome is to nucleus as DNA is to -
a) cytoplasm
b) cell membrane
c) gene
d) chioroplast

Which example would result in new cells that are most different from the parent cells?
a) yeast cells splitting into new cells
b) bacteria cells dividing into new cells
c) skin cells dividing to produce more skin cells
d) sperm and egg cells uniting to produce fertilized egg cells

What advantage does a species that reproduces sexually have over a species that reproduces asexually?
a) There is greater variation among the offspring.
b) The offspring are identical to the parents.
c) Only one parent is necessary for reproduction.
d) No sex cells are needed for reproduction

If a hydra reproduce asexually at the same rate, how many organsms will there be after 50 hours?
a) 32
b) 40
c) 48
d) 55

During which process does genetic material come from two parents?
a) asexual reproduction
b) photosynthesis
c) respiration
d) sexual reproduction

Which human organ system produces most of the hormones that regulate body functions?
a) digestive
b) nervous
c) muscular
d) endocrine

Which pair of body systems is responsible for providing structure support for humans?
a) integumentary and circulatory
b) skeletal and muscular
c) skeletal and circulatory
d) nervous and skeletal

As a person exercises, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood increase. This causes the nervous system to signal which of these systems to respond?
a) digestive and excretory
b) excretory and respiratory
c) respiratory and circulatory
d) circulatory and endocrine

Which of the following systems breaks food into nutrients that can be used by the body?
a) circulatory
b) digestive
c) reproductive
d) respiratory

The kidney filters the blood of waste and removes it from the body with the help of which body system?
a) endocrine
b) digestive
c) excretory
d) respiratory

Which of the following organelles use carbon dioxide to produce sugars during the process of photosynthesis?
a) vacuoles
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplasts
d) ribosomes

Plants are unable to move to a new location in response to changes in their environment. Plants, instead, maintain balance by storing excess water in nutrients in their cells. Which organelle is responsible for this?
a) cytoplasm
b) mitochondria
c) nucleus
d) vacuole

Which situation is the best example of ecological succession?
a) An organism survives a difficult winter.
b) The populations in an area remain the same
c) One species replaces another species in an ecosystem
d) Each of several species uses the same amount of resources

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