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Which religion has its hearth in Mecca, whose founder is Muhammad and prays 5 times a day.
a) Islam
b) Buddhism
c) Daoism
d) Judaism

What is a trait of a subjugated woman?
a) allowed an education
b) are allowed to vote, and go wherever they want
c) forced to stay in homes
d) works in markets

Arabs agreed to help British fight in _____ if they would help them reclaim _____
a) WWI, Germany
b) WWI, Palestine
c) WWII, Germany
d) WWII, India

these people were Eastern Orthodox, and resented Muslims for taking over their homeland.
a) Croats
b) Muslims
c) Americans
d) Serbs

all of these are examples of religious extremeism EXCEPT?
a) going to the wailing wall
b) 9/11 attack
c) Boston bombing
d) Al Qaeda

all of these are examples of fundamentalism EXCEPT...
a) westboro Baptist church
b) going to church
c) abstaining from alcohol if you are Mormon
d) not using modern technology if you are Amish

Daoism has all of these characteristics EXCEPT.
a) monotheistic
b) ethnic religion
c) founder is Laozi
d) hearth is China

Judaism is associated with this area as its hearth.
a) China
b) America
c) Norhtern India
d) Fertile Crescent

Buddhism has the following characteristics...
a) no original sin, pray 5 times a day, and kosher laws.
b) synagogues, spiritual branches, and have rabbis
c) karma, 5 elements, and wisdom as the ultimate goal.
d) yin and yang, balance between light and dark, and believe in the Dao.

which ruler wanted to keep Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia together?
a) Slobodan Milosevic
b) Marshal Tito
c) Arabians
d) Croats

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