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Why can we see the moon?
a) light is reflected off of it
b) it has its own light source
c) It is very bright
d) It is very close to Earth

Why do we take a cooler to the beach?
a) They are good insulators but poor conductors
b) they are good conductors but poor insulators
c) they are good insulators and conductors
d) they are poor insulators and conductots

If you add 1 gallon to a quart of water, what changes?
a) the volume
b) the density
c) the boiling point
d) the melting point

ISS stands for
a) International Space Station
b) Internal Service Station
c) Insert Special Station
d) International Service Spot

Materials that transfer heat easily are called
a) thermal conductors
b) thermal insulators
c) minerals
d) pot holders

This explains why we have seasons
a) the tilt of the Earth as it revolves around the sun
b) Earth's rotation
c) The sun revolving around the Earth
d) The rising and setting of the sun

Which of the following has the greatest effect on our tides?
a) the moon
b) the sun
c) the Earth
d) Pluto

If you increase the length of a guitar string, what happens to the pitch?
a) It gets higher
b) it gets lower
c) it stays the same
d) It doubles

Which of the following is a true statement?
a) We always see the same side of the moon
b) We never see the same side of the moon
c) The moon doesn't move
d) The moon is very close to Earth

Which of the following has the best conditions for soil formation?
a) wet and humid
b) dry and cold
c) dry and wet
d) wet and arid

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