Digestive System Question Preview (ID: 19354)

Structure And Function Of The Digestive System.

What structure(s) help the small intestine to absorb large amounts of nutrients?
a) villi
b) pancreas
c) liver
d) gallbladder

Receives food from your mouth when you swallow and delivers food to your stomach
a) Esophagus
b) Stomach
c) Gallbladder
d) Large Intestine

Teeth are used to break down food and enzymes in saliva help break down carbohydrates
a) Mouth
b) Stomach
c) Esophagus
d) Small Intestine

This organ is important for water absorption and storage of feces
a) Large Intestine
b) Small Intestine
c) Stomach
d) Pancrease

Absorption of almost all the nutrients into the blood stream happens here
a) Small Intestine
b) Large Intestine
c) Stomach
d) Pancrease

The acid that is stored here breaks down the food even more and mechanical digestion occurs with contracting of the muscles
a) Stomach
b) Small Intestine
c) Large Intestine
d) Esophagus

What substance in the mouth contains an enzyme that begins chemical digestion?
a) Saliva
b) Bile
c) Stomach Acid
d) mucus

Produces enzymes that flow into the small intestine and helps break down starches, proteins and fats
a) Pancrease
b) Gall Bladder
c) Liver
d) Epiglottis

Stores Bile
a) Gall Bladder
b) Liver
c) Pancrease
d) Small Intestine

What substance coats and protects the inside of the stomach?
a) mucus
b) bile
c) saliva
d) Pepsin

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