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This is the inactivity of a plant or seed before germination
a) dormancy
b) tropism
c) photosynthesis
d) cellular respiration

This is the turning of a plant toward a stimulus
a) tropism
b) dormancy
c) germination
d) fermentation

This is given off in photosynthesis
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) helium
d) boron

This is where two of Earth's plates move away from each other
a) divergent boundary
b) convergent boundary
c) transform boundary
d) moving away boundary

As the frequency of a wave increases, what happens to the wavelength?
a) it decreases
b) it increases
c) it stays the same
d) It doubles

If you add 20 ml of water to 10 ml of water, what happens to the density?
a) nothing
b) it increases
c) it decreases
d) it remains too dense

If you add 20 g of butter to 30 g of butter, what happens to the melting point?
a) it remains the same
b) it increases
c) it decreases
d) it doubles

How have we benefited from space exploration?
a) improved farming methods
b) learned about the existence of Earth
c) learned that Earth rotates
d) learned that Pluto has water

Which type of heat transfer occurs when the air conditioner cools the room?
a) convection
b) conduction
c) radiation
d) UV rays

An object that transmits light easily is called
a) transparent
b) transluscent
c) radation
d) opaque

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