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Which civil rights leader became the first black Supreme Court justice? Last name begins with M
a) Charles Houston
b) Martin Luther King, Jr.
c) Ralph Abernathy
d) Thurgood Marshall

Which Vietnamese nationalist asked President Truman for U.S. help in winning his country's independence from France? Last name begins with M
a) Kim Il Sung
b) Ho Chi Minh
c) Chiang Kai-Shek
d) Mao Zedong

Who was arrested on a Montgomery, Alabama city bus in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat to a white man? See if you know this answer.
a) Rosa Parks
b) Linda Brown
c) Bella Abzug
d) Marian Anderson

Which general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers integrated major league baseball by signing Jackie Robinson to play for his team? Last name begins with R
a) Casey Stengel
b) Clay Hopper
c) Branch Rickey
d) Ben Chapman

Why did President Eisenhower send federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957? It had to do with integration.
a) to support Governor Orval Faubus in his efforts to uphold Jim Crow laws
b) to enforce court-ordered integration of the city's public high school
c) to protect striking black garbage workers from police brutality
d) to break a boycott of public transportation by the city's black residents

Which term best fits Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s approach to the civil rights movement? Let's see if you know this one.
a) destructive
b) nonviolent
c) belligerant
d) submissive

Who controls the means of production in a communist economic system? It has to do with the government
a) government agencies
b) foreign investors
c) wealthy individuals
d) public trusts

Which does not describe the power of a boycott in seeking change? It does not have to do with the court systems
a) They work through economic rather than political means.
b) They use the court system to address issues of injustice.
c) They show that many people are concerned about a cause.
d) They are nonviolent and do not break the law.

Who was by and large left out of the prosperity of the 1950s? What group of people are generally left out?
a) African Americans
b) the white middle class
c) children in new suburban areas
d) veterans of World War II

a) Why?
b) Why?
c) Why?
d) Why?

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