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Which president integrated the U.S. armed forces in 1948? Last name begins with a T
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Dwight Eisenhower
c) Thomas Dewey
d) Harry Truman

Which term refers to the policy of containing communism and preventing its spread into more countries? It had to do with President Truman
a) the Truman Doctrine
b) the Berlin Wall
c) the Marshall Plan
d) the Iron Curtain

Which statement about financial aid given under the Marshall Plan is true? It had to do with infrastructures.
a) It offered assistance in rebuilding infrastructure to our former enemies as well as our allies.
b) It was granted only to Soviet allies in eastern Europe so they would abandon communism.
c) It contained the provision that the money must be repaid within three years.
d) It was used to rebuild West Germany's armed forces so the country could stand up to the Soviet Union.

Which president sent U.S. troops to defend South Korea in 1950? Last name begins with letter T
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Harry Truman
c) Dwight Eisenhower
d) Joe McCarthy

Which country was divided in two by the Iron Curtain? Country begins with the letter G
a) Austria
b) Hungary
c) Germany
d) Poland

Which statement about the Korean War is true? It had to do with President Truman
a) South Korea surrendered after communist China's army joined the conflict.
b) The Soviet Union sent troops to fight alongside North Korea's army
c) President Truman never asked Congress for a formal declaration of war
d) The United Nations refused to authorize the use of force to stop North Korea.

Which is not a reason why the Cold War started? It had to do with weapons.
a) Both sides began stockpiling nuclear weapons.
b) The U.S. initiated a policy of attacking communism in the Soviet Union.
c) Western democracies could not remain allied with oppressive, totalitarian, communist governments.
d) Americans feared the growing power of the Soviet Union and worried that communism might spread.

Which statement about the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision is correct? A law was overturned.
a) It upheld the earlier Plessy v. Ferguson ruling on public education.
b) It said that individual states could decide whether to integrate public schools.
c) It declared that segregated public schools were constitutional.
d) It overturned separate but equal public education.

Which statement accurately describes the reaction to the integration of public schools in the 1950s? It had to do with Southern whites.
a) Northerners and southerners alike accepted it as the law of the land.
b) Integration was much slower in the North than in the South.
c) Many northern blacks moved south so their children could attend integrated schools.
d) Many southern whites resisted it by every means possible.

Which role did Earl Warren play in the Brown v. Board of Education case? It had to do with a unaminous decision.
a) As a lawyer representing the NAACP, he argued that segregated schools violated blacks' constitutional rights.
b) As the lawyer representing southern schools, he argued that the 14th Amendment allowed segregated education.
c) As Chief Justice, he convinced the other justices to issue a unanimous decision for the sake of national unity.
d) As Chief Justice, he wrote a dissenting opinion stating that separate but equal public schools were not a violation of blac

Which statement about the Supreme Court's Plessy v. Ferguson decision is correct? It had to do with Jim Crow
a) It outlawed separate but equal facilities in southern states.
b) It gave legal approval for Jim Crow laws throughout the South.
c) It upheld women's right to vote in federal elections.
d) It overturned key provisions of the 14th Amendment

Which statesman and World War II leader warned about the dangers of Stalin and communism in a famous 1946 speech in Fulton, Missouri? Last name begins with a C
a) George Marshall
b) Ralph Bunche
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) Winston Churchill

During the Red Scare of the 1950s, which American politician became famous for his vicious campaign to uncover communists in the U.S. government and military? Last name begins with a M
a) Harry Truman
b) Joseph McCarthy
c) Dwight Eisenhower
d) Alger Hiss

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