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Latin for “let it be done.”
a) fiat
b) heresy
c) indulgence
d) sanctus

The means by which the Church takes away the punishment that a person would receive in Purgatory
a) heresy
b) indulgence
c) fiat
d) schism

A major break that causes division. A schism in the Church is caused by the refusal to submit to the Pope or to be in communion with the Church’s members
a) appologetics
b) heretic
c) schism
d) indulgence

The movement to restore unity among all Christians
a) ecumenism
b) fiat
c) inter-religious dialogue
d) heresy

A severe penalty that results from grave sin against Church law
a) heretic
b) fiat
c) eccomunication
d) sola scriptura

A Greek title for Mary meaning “God bearer.”
a) Theotokos
b) Deus sanctus
c) verbum deo
d) theologian

Literally, the “study of God”; the academic discipline and effort to understand, interpret, and order our experience of God and Christian faith
a) beacon
b) theologian
c) theotokos
d) theology

Central to the Reformation, this phrase means “grace alone,” which means that salvation comes through God’s grace alone rather than through any human effort. This sole focus on grace contradicts the truth that while God’s grace is ultimately the sour
a) sola scriptura
b) hans solo
c) sola gratia
d) hope solo

A state of final purification or cleansing, which one may need to enter following death and before entering Heaven
a) hell
b) purgatory
c) earth
d) heaven

Central to the Reformation, this phrase means that “Scripture alone,” rather than Scripture and Tradition, should be the basis for Church teaching, in contradiction to the truth of Catholic teaching.
a) sola scriptura
b) sola mio
c) solo fiat
d) sola gratia

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