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What was the main purpose of the Crusades?
a) To spread the idea of feudalism
b) For Christians to gain control of the Holy Land
c) Europeans to be able to make money by trading with the Muslims
d) To become friends with the Muslims

How did the bubonic plague spread?
a) by humans giving it to fleas
b) by the waste rotting in the streets
c) by rats and fleas
d) by traveling in a ship

What technique did the Renaissance artists develop?
a) They developed a new style of religious paintings.
b) They showed depth and dimension in their art.
c) They painted flat, 2-D paintings.
d) They used the humanism technique.

Which period or periods influenced the Renaissance painters, sculptors, and architects?
a) the Middle Ages
b) the Reformation
c) The Ancient Egyptian civilization
d) the Greek and Roman civilizations

Who was responsible for laying the groundwork for the Protestant Reformation?
a) Elizabeth I
b) Johann Gutenberg
c) Leonardo da Vinci
d) Martin Luther

What were the Portuguese the first to accomplish?
a) sailing around the globe
b) establishing the first Europe-Asia water trade route
c) establishing a water route around South America
d) establishing a water route across the Pacific Ocean

Why were European powers interested in developing water trade routes
a) Shipping was the only way trade goods could be moved
b) The water routes always saved time
c) Many of the overland trade routes were controlled by Muslims
d) There were no overland routes available

Why did the Euroepan powers become interested in the slave trade?
a) They were interested in African style clothing and music.
b) They needed sailors to work on the trade ships.
c) They needed soldiers to fight in European wars.
d) They needed workers to work in the fields in the New World.

What religion did the European explorers practice and push upon the Native Americans?
a) tribal religion
b) the worship of money and wealth
c) Islam
d) Christianity

What did Columbus think he had discovered on his first voyage?
a) a trade route to Asia and the East Indies
b) the Americas
c) a trade route to the Caribbean islands
d) many new plants and animals

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