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What is he purpose of total war?
a) to start up a slave rebellion
b) to destroy civilian property ad damage southern support
c) to punish people in the north who helped the south
d) to convince border states to stay with the union

What happened during the March to the Sea?
a) Union troops cut a forty-mile wide path of destruction
b) Southern solderis forced union troops to retreat
c) the southern army surrendered
d) Union troops helped suffering southern civilians

Why did General Grant want to capture Petersburg?
a) he needed the food and military supplies stockpiled there
b) he could then attack Richmond from the south
c) the city controlled the Mississippi River
d) He could thenattack Richmond from the south

Why was General George Pickett unprepared for the Union attack at Five Forks?
a) Pickett thought the war was over
b) Pickett thought his soldiers had defeated the union troops so he went to bed
c) Pickett thought his soldiers had defeated the Union troops so he went to a shad bake
d) Pickett thought the Northern soldiers had gone to a shad bake

Why was Atlanta an important Southern city?
a) Atlanta was a great southern seaport
b) Atlanta served as the capital of the Confederate states
c) The fight for Atlanta was the final battle of the Civil War
d) Atlanta was a railroad center and supply depot for the South

How did Federal troops finally capture Petersburg?
a) Grant laid seige to the city for over nine months
b) Federal soldiers attacked and defeated the southern troops
c) Grant captured Richmond and cut off all help to Petersburg
d) The Federal Troops attacked the city with Quaker cannons

What was Lincoln doing when he was assassinated?
a) inspecting union troops outside Washington
b) visiting the captured southern capital of Richmond
c) Watching a play at Ford's Theatre
d) Traveling from the White House to the Capitol building

Who captured Atlanta and marched through Georgia to the sea?
a) General Robert E. Lee
b) General Ulysses S. Grant
c) General George PIckett
d) General William Tecumseh Sherman

Which was not one of the terms of the surrender at Appopmattox?
a) No prisoners were taken
b) Robert E. Lee was imprisoned for treason
c) No officers were tried for treason
d) Soldiers who had horses were allowed to keep them

What advice did General Lee give his defeated soldiers at Appolattox?
a) to take to the hills and fight a guerilla war
b) to regroup and attack the Yankees
c) to go home, plant crops, and be good citizens
d) to disobey the nation's laws

How did the Civil War give the nation a new birth of freedom
a) a new Constitution was written to help guarantee the equality of all men
b) the Constitution was amended to help guarantee the equality of all men
c) The Constitution took away the rights of former Confederates
d) the Constitution immediately granted the right to vote to everyone

To whom does Walt Whitman compare Lincoln?
a) the captain of a ship
b) the head of state
c) the president of a nation
d) the general of a great army

What Southern sympathizer assassinated President Abraham Lincoln?
a) Jefferson Davis
b) Robert E. Lee
c) General George Pickett
d) John Wilkes. Booth

What finally prohibited slavery in the United States?
a) Emancipation Proclamation
b) The Fugitive Slave Act
c) The Declaration of Independence
d) Thirteenth Amendment

Why was Lincoln's plan for the country after the war?
a) Lincoln wanted the South to pay for the war
b) Lincoln favored a policy of forgiveness and reconciliation toward the south
c) Lincoln favored a policy of punishment toward the South
d) Lincoln wanted the South to become an independent nation

What happended at Appomattox?
a) General Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia to General Grant
b) The south defeated the north
c) Southern troops disbanded to fight a guerilla war
d) General Ulysses S. Grant surrendered his army to General Robert E. Lee

What was Reconstruction?
a) the rebuilding of Northern cities destroyed by the war
b) The process of constructing homes in the South for freed slaves
c) The building of monuments honoring Civil War soldiers
d) The process of rebuildingthe south and putting the union back together

What did Lincoln urge in his second inaugural address?
a) That the south should pay for all war damages
b) that a defeated south be punished for the war
c) That the nation put aside hard feelings and act with forgiveness toward the south
d) that the South be allowed to become a new nation

What does the diary of Dolly Sumner Lunt Burge describe?
a) Grant's seige of Petersburg
b) Sherman's march through her Georgia plantation
c) The surrender ceremony of Appomattox
d) the fall of Richmond

Why did Wilmer McLean say that the war began in my dining room and ended in my parlor
a) Soldiers visited his home at the war's first and last battles
b) McLean fired the first and last shots of the war to protect his home
c) The war split McLean's family who met again after the last battle
d) A cannonball hit his house during the first Battle of Manassas,and the surrender took place in his home at Appomattox

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