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Which of the following is not a layer of Earth's interior?
a) Crust
b) Mantle
c) Core
d) Atmosphere

What are the two types of crust?
a) Divergent and convergent
b) Convergent and continental
c) Continental and oceanic
d) Divergent and oceanic

Which of the following describes the inner core?
a) Solid metal
b) Liquid plastic
c) Solid plastic
d) Liquid metal

What of the following describes the outer core?
a) Solid metal
b) Liquid plastic
c) Solid plastic
d) Liquid metal

What is the mantle considered to be
a) extremely cool
b) extremely hot
c) luke warm
d) freezing

Why are mines that are miles deep uncomfortably warm?
a) The sun warms them up
b) The layers of the rock above conduct heat from the sun
c) Energy from Earth's interior warms them up
d) Because they are protected from the external elements

Which layer is 80% of Earth's volume?
a) Mantle
b) Crust
c) Core

What would happen to normal metals from Earth's surface if they were in the core?
a) Melt
b) Freeze
c) Boil
d) Evaporate

What produces energy in the core?
a) The sun
b) Radioactive energy from nuclei breaking up in atoms
c) Nuclear fusion
d) Burning of fossil fuels

What did our continents used to exist as?
a) As they are now
b) They were closer together
c) They were further apart
d) Pangea

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