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All of the following are considered the media EXCEPT
a) TV
b) radio
c) the internet
d) politicians

The media does all of the following to support the political process EXCEPT it does not
a) Familiarizes the public with the candidates, Emphasizes certain selected issues
b) Expresses opinions in editorials , Political cartoons, OP-ED pieces
c) Broadcasts different points of view
d) The people vote for the television and broadcasting

What are some strategies for evaluating campaign speeches, literature, and advertisements for accuracy?
a) guess, listen to someone else, assume
b) look for bias, evaluate sources, identify propoganda

Why are third parties so important if they do not often win?
a) they give the media something to talk about
b) they allow opportunities for candidates to interview
c) they introduce new ideas and influence the outcome for other candidates
d) they allow the two other parties the chance to attack them

How do citizens make informed choices among candidates in elections?
a) they randomly pick a candidate they think would make a great friend
b) they evaluate information presented in political campaigns, looking for bias and accuracy
c) they pick the same person that their friends and family are choosing
d) they do not pay attention to the news or any other information and do not vote because they do not care.

ow do the third parties differ from the two major parties
a) they introduce new ideas or press for a particular issue
b) they want to gain as many voters as possible
c) they want to raise money for their candidates
d) they want their candidates to support the people

How are the major political parties different?
a) they win a majority by appealing to the political center
b) through their views on issues which are stated in the party platform
c) because they want to become reelected
d) they try to gain as many young voters as possible

Which of the following is NOT a similarity of the major political parties
a) they influence public policies
b) they share the views of the same taxing policy
c) they reflect liberal and conservative views
d) they win a majority by appealing to the political center

Third parties ________________ elections, but they play an important role.
a) always
b) never
c) rarely
d) consistently

The high cost of getting elected gives an advantage to ___ candidates
a) Wealthy
b) Expensive
c) Fund-Raising
d) Special

Rising campaign costs require candidates to conduct extensive ___ - ___ activities.
a) Fund-Raising
b) Political-Committees
c) Tax-Rasing
d) Congress-Raising

Rising campaign costs encourage the development of (PACs). What are PACs?
a) Political Action Committees

What do PACs do?
a) PACs are organizations dedicated to raise and spend money to either elect or defeat political candidates

Rising campaign costs have led to efforts to reform ___
a) Campaign Finance Laws

Due to rising campaign costs, campaign finance reform laws have been passed which limit ___
a) The amount individuals can contribute to political candiates and campaigns

What is required before a citizen may vote?
a) Voter Registration

What are the qualifications to register to vote in Virginia?
a) Must be a US citizen, a VA resident, 18 years old by election day

How does one register in Virginia?
a) In person at the registrations office, at the division of motor vehicles, or at other designated sites; by mail

When does voter registration close?
a) 29 days before the election

The number of citizens who register and vote is related to ___
a) How important the election issues are to citizens

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