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The top row of an application window where the program name and often the name of the document is shown
a) placeholder
b) slide
c) title bar
d) view

A separate page in a presentation program on which information is organized
a) page
b) document
c) placeholder
d) slide

An area within a slide layout designed to hold data, such as text or pictures
a) placeholder
b) view
c) outline view
d) title bar

In PowerPoint, a split screen that shows a Slide view and an Outline view
a) normal
b) titlebar
c) format
d) style

Text boxes that allow you to jot down notes to use during the presentation or to print as handouts, but do not appear in the presentation that is being shown to the audience
a) word art
b) layout
c) slide sorter notes
d) slide show view

To move from one part of a document to another on the screen
a) scroll
b) move
c) title bar
d) placeholder

The display in presentation software that shows the text from each slide in outline form
a) slide show view
b) outline view
c) slide sorter view
d) normal

A display of slides in a presentation shown one after the other in the order they appear in the document
a) outline view
b) slide sorter view
c) normal
d) slide show view

Specialized software that is used to create and display visual information
a) software
b) presentation software
c) Powerpoint
d) Word

Different ways you can see a presentation in certain presentation software
a) title bar
b) view
c) slide
d) placeholder

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