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Dinosaur footprints are found in
a) the Culpeper Basin which are Jurassic Period and Triassic Period in age.
b) the Great Basin which are Precambrian in age.
c) the Atlantic Ocean off Virginia which are Triassic Period in age.
d) Roanoke County which are Tertiary Period in age.

Carbonate rocks formed in the Valley & Ridge Province during the
a) Precambrian Period
b) Cretaceous Period
c) Triassic Period
d) Cambrian Period

Most Virginia fossils relate to which three Eras?
a) Neo-Proterozoic, Archean and Hadean Eras
b) Meso-Proterozoic, Neo-Proterozoic and Paleozoic Eras
c) Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic Eras
d) Archean, Cenozoic and Hadean Eras

A period of mountain-building, during which rocks are deformed best describes
a) climate change.
b) an orogeny.
c) continental collisions.
d) a type of earthquake.

The Appalachian Mountains formed and Africa and North America collided during
a) the Permian Period.
b) the Quaternary Period
c) the Ordovician Period
d) the Devonian Period

The correct order of geologic events, from oldest to youngest is
a) the Taconic Orogeny, the Acadian Orogeny, the Grenvillian Orogeny
b) Grenvillian Orogeny, Coal deposited in coastal swamps, Appalachian mountains formed
c) the Acadian Orogeny, Appalachian Mountains form, Iapetan rifting
d) the Grenvillian Orogeny, the Acadian Orogeny, the Taconic Orogeny

The correct order of geologic events, from youngest to oldest is
a) Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater, Atlantic rifting begins, Roanoke River develops
b) Atlantic rifting begins, Roanoke River develops, Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater
c) Coals are deposited in coastal swamps, Roanoke River develops, Acadian orogeny
d) Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater, Roanoke River develops, Atlantic rifting begins

Virginia state fossil was named for what prominent geologic feature?
a) Jefferson's Monticello
b) Chesapeake Bay
c) the original Virginia state capital
d) the highest mountain in Virginia

In Virginia, fossils are found mainly in the
a) Coastal Plain, Valley and Ridge and Appalachian Plateau Provinces.
b) Blue Ridge and Piedmont Provinces.
c) Valley and Ridge, Appalachian Plateau and Blue Ridge Provinces.
d) Piedmont and Coastal Plain Provinces.

Three major erosional intervals occurred during which Era?
a) Mesozoic Era
b) Archean Era
c) Paleozoic Era
d) Cenozoic Era

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