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What happens to the volume of a gas during compression?
a) The volume increases.
b) The volume decreases.
c) The volume remains constant.
d) It is impossible to tell because all gases are different.

Pressure is the force per unit
a) volume
b) surface area
c) length
d) depth

What instrument measures atmospheric pressure?
a) barometer
b) manometer
c) vacuum pump
d) torrometer

The volume of a gas is 5.0 L when the temperature is 5.0ºC. If the temperature is increased to 10.0ºC without changing the pressure, what is the new volume?
a) 2.5 L
b) 4.8 L
c) 5.1 L
d) 10.0 L

The pressure of a sample of gas increases from 450. mm Hg to 500. mm Hg. If the volume is constant and the temperature of the gas was 0.0ºC, what is the new gas temperature?
a) –30.ºC
b) 30.ºC
c) 50.ºC
d) 273ºC

If five gases in a cylinder each exert 1 atm, what is the total pressure exerted by the gases?
a) 0.2 atm
b) 0.5 atm
c) 1 atm
d) 5 atm

Calculate the approximate volume of a 0.600 mol sample of gas at 15.0ºC and a pressure of 1.10 atm.
a) 12.9 L
b) 22.4 L
c) 24.6 L
d) 129 L

What is the pressure exerted by 1.2 mol of a gas with a temperature of 20.ºC and a volume of 9.5 L?
a) 0.030 atm
b) 1.0 atm
c) 3.0 atm
d) 30. atm

A liquid can be described as having
a) A definite volume and shape
b) No definite volume and shape
c) A definite volume and no definite shape
d) A definite volume and takes the shape of its container

Evaporation is _____________.
a) the process by which a liquid or solid changes to a gas
b) The process by which particles escape from the surface of a nonboiling liquid and enter the gas state
c) The attraction of the surface of a liquid to the surfaces of a solid
d) A force that pulls adjacent parts of a liquid’s surface together

Why does water have such a relatively high boiling point?
a) Because of the strong polar-covalent bonds between oxygen and hydrogen atoms
b) Because of its surface tension
c) Because of the strong hydrogen bonds between water molecules
d) None of the above

In the expression like dissolves like, the word like refers to similarity in molecular
a) mass
b) size
c) energy
d) polarity

Which of the following is miscible in oil?
a) food coloring
b) water
c) iodine
d) all of these

Sugar is soluble in water because sugar molecules are
a) massive
b) small
c) nonpolar
d) polar

When water is used as a solvent, it is called _____.
a) diffusion
b) effusion
c) hydration
d) non-polar bonding

Which of the following is an electrolyte?
a) sodium chloride (table salt)
b) sugar
c) water
d) glass

A substance whose water solution does NOT conduct a current is a(n)
a) polar substance
b) nonelectrolyte
c) electrolytes
d) ionic substance

Molecules whose water solutions conduct current
a) require carbon to decompose in water
b) ionize in water.
c) do not dissolve in water.
d) can crystallize.

Which of the following does NOT increase the rate of dissolving a solid in water?
a) raising the temperature
b) stirring
c) using larger pieces of solid
d) crushing the solid

Which of the following will dissolve most rapidly?
a) sugar cubes in cold water
b) sugar cubes in hot water
c) powdered sugar in cold water
d) powdered sugar in hot water

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