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Most crushed stone is found in the
a) Valley & Ridge Province
b) Blue Ridge Province
c) Coastal Plain Province
d) Piedmont Province

What two minerals are found in limestone?
a) pyrite and quartz
b) muscovite and pyrite
c) calcite and dolomite
d) dolomite and gypsum

Which of the following best represent some uses of coal?
a) steel making, photography and road fill
b) construction, making china and ceramics
c) making bricks and electronics
d) electrical production, industrial uses and coke

Kyanite is mined in Virginia in ___ and used to make ___
a) Richmond - plastics, paints, ceramics
b) Roanoke County - cement, gold bars
c) Newport News - steel, ceramic products
d) Buckingham County - furnace bricks, cookware, abrasives

Some uses of clay include the creation of
a) plastics, nylon and china.
b) asphalt, cement and sewer pipe.
c) bricks, cement, china and ceramics.
d) road fill, electronics, paints and nylon.

Sand and gravel are used in the creation of
a) construction materials, road base and road fill.
b) oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel, coke and bricks.
c) photography and steel.
d) diesel fuel, jet fuel, coke and asphalt.

What are the age, type and location of Virginia coal?
a) Pennsylvanian - bituminous - found in Appalachian Plateau Province
b) Pre-Cambrian - anthracite - found in Piedmont Province
c) Tertiary - anthracite - found in Blue Ridge Province
d) Silurian - coke - found in Coastal Plain Province

Most Virginia clay is found in the
a) Piedmont and Coastal Plain Provinces.
b) Appalachian Plateau Province.
c) Blue Ridge Province.
d) Appalachian Plateau and Valley & Ridge Provinces.

In earlier times, gold was mined in the
a) Coastal Plain Province.
b) Blue Ridge Province.
c) Applachian Plateau Province.
d) Piedmont Province.

Which Virginia mineral resources are found mainly in the Coastal Plain?
a) coal and gold
b) sand and gravel
c) coal and carbonates
d) carbonates and gold

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