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A famous actor from Scotland is...
a) Michael Douglas
b) Paul Newman
c) James Bond
d) Sean Connery

There is a famous big animal that lives in Loch Ness called...
a) Nessie
b) Daisy
c) Laky
d) Missy

Scotland is famous for its...
a) bread and fruit
b) meat and fruit
c) meat and vegatables
d) fish and seafood

The most popular sports in Scotland are...
a) football and tennis
b) basketball and tennis
c) football and golf
d) rugby and basketball

The most famous drink in Scotland is...
a) whisky
b) beer
c) rum
d) water

The traditional Scottish music is played with...
a) a bagpipe
b) a flute
c) a trumpet
d) a violin

The Scottish writer Conan Doyle wote stories about ...
a) Cindirella
b) Robin Hood
c) Sherlock Holmes
d) King Arthur

The traditional custome is...
a) the silk
b) the kilt
c) the hood
d) the jeans

The languages spoken in Scotland are...
a) English and German
b) English and Welsh
c) English and Celtic
d) English and Scottish

The capital city of Scotland is...
a) London
b) Edinburg
c) Aberdeen
d) The Highlands

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