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a region that is defined by a particular set of activities or interactions that occurs within it
a) formal region
b) functional region
c) perceptual region
d) agricultural region

Ocurrs when an idea/product moves but people stay put.
a) relocation diffusion
b) Globalization
c) Expansion diffusion
d) epidemic

which of the following is not a one of the five themes of geography?
a) place
b) diffusion
c) movement
d) Human-Environment Interactions

says that people are the primary architects of culture and cultural landscape
a) geography
b) possibilism
c) environmental determinism
d) relocation diffusion

shows locations of places and geographic features
a) mental map
b) thematic map
c) reference map
d) cartography

the idea that humans were the clay to be molded by nature
a) human geography
b) possibilism
c) environmental determinism
d) diffusion

occurs when people with an idea move
a) expansion diffusion
b) stimulus diffusion
c) relocation diffusion
d) hierarchical diffusion

Used to compare a variety of spatial data by creating digitized representations of the environment, combining layers of spatial data, and creating maps in which patterns and processes are superimposed
a) GIS
b) GPS
c) remote sensing
d) maps

the visible expression of human activity
a) cultural barriers
b) place
c) culture
d) Cultural landscape

describes the location of a place in relation to other human and physical features
a) absolute location
b) relative location
c) region
d) cartography

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