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Which of the following is a true statement regarding time-space compression?
a) Places seem to all look the same
b) Places seem to be getting closer together
c) Places are making a greater effort to converge activities to save time
d) Places are getting closer together in space but not in time

Which is most responsible for hierarchical diffusion, as opposed to contagious diffusion?
a) Distance decay effects
b) Spacial network links between major nodes
c) Some people need multiple contacts before they adopt an innovation
d) Relevance of particular innovations to only specific locations

Slash-and-burn agriculture is
a) not sustainable
b) typical for tropical forests
c) a relatively new invention
d) always completely sustainable

Increased air pollution, inner city decay, homogenization of landscapes, and loss of productive farmland are all caused by
a) Gentrification
b) Ghettotization
c) Postermodernism
d) Suburbanization

All of the following characterize the Green Revolution EXCEPT
a) more intensive production of agricultural goods in developing regions
b) Use of more environmentally sustainable green techniques in agricultural production
c) development and improvement of chemicals used in agricultural production
d) exportation of agricultural techniques from developed to developing countries

Cindy's store on Main Street sells paintings primarily to tourists visiting Hilton Head, South Carolina, from other cities. This is part of the
a) secondary economy of Hilton Head
b) Informal economy of Hilton Head
c) basic economy of Hilton Head
d) nonbasic economy of Hilton Head

Which of the following contributes MOST to both current and projected population growth
a) Demographic Momentum
b) Decreasing death rate
c) decreasing crude birth rate
d) decreasing total fertility rate

Which is true about agriculture as a cultural innovation
a) It definitely involved seed planting before vegetative planting
b) it probably occurred in nomadic cultures first
c) it is the first example of genetic modification of organisms
d) it was probably first carried out by women, not men

The Demographic Accounting Equation takes all of the following factors into account when calculating a country's population EXCEPT
a) Total fertility rate
b) natural decrease
c) immigration
d) emmigration

According to the rank-size rule, a city that has a rank of three
a) would contain approximately one-third of the country's total urban poopulation
b) would contain one-third of the population of the country's largest city
c) would contain approximately one-third of the urban amenities generally provided within that country
d) would be the the third closest city to the country's capital

What of the following best describes exhurbia?
a) usually found in Europe and Asia
b) lies outside of urban zoning restrictions
c) made up of small, isolated communities consisting mostly of telecommuters
d) generally located on freeways on the outskirts of major cities

According to von Thunen's model, why is wheat farmed furthers from the market than dairy is?
a) Dairy generates more revenue per acre
b) The climate is different near the market
c) Land rent is more expensive further from the market
d) Wheat is more expensive to transport

Mexico's maquiladoras are examples of
a) offshore financial centers
b) ancillary activites
c) export processing zones
d) informal economic activities

Which is a good example of planned agrictulture?
a) increased transport costs for bulkier items
b) pastoral nomadism
c) markets that conform to the von Thunen model
d) Price supports for milk

Which of the following is the best example of what geographers mean when they say that cities exist as part of an urban hierarchy?
a) Like small cities, large cities provide low-order commodities;large cities also provide high-order commoditiies
b) cities provide goods and services for their innhabitants
c) cities are always the source of innovations that diffuse hierarchally
d) the size of cities has been increasing

All of the following were part of the Green Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s EXCEPT
a) new hybrid seeds
b) GIS-based smart agriculture
c) dissemination of technology from core to the periphery
d) more intensive use of the land

Activities such as janitorial services, grocery stores, and delivery services can all be described as
a) basic actvities
b) informal economic activities
c) ancillary services
d) secondary activities

All of the following could be barriers to spacial interaction EXCEPT
a) a neighborhood where people speak a different language than the surrounding neighborhoods
b) a highway
c) a different ethnicity
d) any of the above could be barriers

All of the following contributed to the strong suburbinization trend in the U.S. post- WWII EXCEPT:
a) loans for new housingq
b) lack of jobs in urban areas
c) transportation improvements
d) 40-hour work weeks

An economy in which the government plays a major role in determining what and how items can be sold is best characterized as a
a) territorial government economy
b) planned economy
c) commercial economy
d) unity government economy

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