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According to doctors, how often should you eat fruits and vegetables?
a) one portion per day
b) two portions per day
c) three portions per day
d) four or five portions per day

Fish, meat and eggs belong to...
a) the protein food group
b) the grain and cereal food group
c) the sugars and high fats food group
d) the vegetables and fruit food group

What is the first meal of the day?
a) dinner
b) tea
c) lunch
d) breakfast

Which are the basic ingredients of a traditional British breakfast?
a) a piece of toast, butter and jam
b) bacon, cheese and a piece of toast
c) sausages and rice
d) bacon, beans, sausages, fried eggs and a pice of toast

How often should we eat ice-creams and sweets?
a) everyday, 2 portions
b) everyday,6 portions
c) once a week
d) once a year

What is a cucumber?
a) a type of fruit, long and green
b) a type of vegetable, round and orange
c) a type of vegetable, long and green
d) a type of fish, long and blue

How often should we eat bread or cereal per day?
a) everyday, 6 portions
b) everyday 2 portions
c) sometimes
d) rarely

What is the most popular drink in Great Britain?
a) Tea
b) Coffee
c) Beer
d) Orange juice

What is a cod?
a) a type of fish
b) a drink
c) a sport
d) a type of biscuit

Toad in t the hole is a traditional British meal consisting of...
a) minced meat and potatoes
b) fish and chips, with salt and vinegar
c) sausages on a pastry
d) chicken with curry

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