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Which answer correctly identifies the 5 levels of cell organization in a dogs body from simple to most complex?
a) dog, skeleton, femur, bone tissue, bone cell
b) skeleton, bone tissue, bone cell, dog, femur
c) bone cell, bone tissue, femur (thigh bone), skeleton, dog
d) bone tissue, bone cell, femur, skeleton, dog

When particles are moved through a membrane from a region of low concentration to a region of high concentration, the process is called
a) diffusion
b) passive transport
c) active transport
d) osmosis

Which organ system transfers gasses into and out of the blood?
a) nervous system
b) respiratory system
c) skeletal system
d) lymphatic system

An organism with chloroplasts in their cells is a
a) consumer
b) prokaryote
c) producer
d) centromere

Which organelles would you expect a plant cell to have but not an animal cell?
a) nucleus, cell membrane
b) cell wall, chloroplast
c) cytoplasm, diffusion
d) osmosis, cell membrane

. A cell is placed in pure water. What will happen to the cell size?
a) it will shrink
b) it will expand in size
c) it will not change
d) it is impossible to predict

What do cells do with waste products?
a) They store wastes in the cell membrane.
b) Wastes are broken down into helpful substances.
c) Wastes are passed out through the cell membrane.
d) The cells store the wastes, which allows them to grow.

Which of the following has a cell membrane and a cell wall?
a) human cell
b) prokaryotic cell
c) plant cell
d) all of the above

What guides all cell processes?
a) osmosis in the vacuole
b) movement through the cell membrane
c) genetic material in the nucleus
d) genetic material in the nucleus

Which cell organelle do all cells have that controls the movement of materials into and out of the cell?
a) Cell wall
b) Nuclear membrane
c) Nucleus
d) Cell membrane

Which answer correctly identifies the 5 levels of cell organization from simplest to most complex?
a) tissue, organs, organ systems, cell, organism
b) organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell
c) organ system, cell, tissue, organ, organism
d) cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism

What is the best description of a cell? They are
a) the smallest thing that scientists know about
b) free-swimming animals that have cilia.
c) box shaped units that cork is made from.
d) the small units that all living things are made of.

How are all cells similar?
a) They perform the functions of life.
b) They make food from sunshine, air and water.
c) They have the same parts as one another.
d) They can swim in water and find their own food.

Which part of the cell contains genetic materials?
a) cell membrane
b) nucleus
c) cytoplasm
d) cell wall

The diffusion of water through the cell membrane is called ____.
a) osmosis
b) diffusion
c) active transport
d) passive transport

Which organs breakdown food for cells?
a) nerve, brain, spinal cord
b) heart, arteries, blood
c) skin, pancreas, skeletal
d) stomach, intestine, pancreas

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