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What landforms make a civilization isolated?
a) farmland
b) mountains and water
c) flat land
d) grassy plains

What land form makes a civilization open to trade and invasion?
a) desert
b) peninsula
c) mountians
d) flat land

Humans depend, adapt, and modify the world around them
a) Human Environment Interaction
b) Region
c) Location
d) Place

Where a place is found
a) Region
b) Movement
c) Location
d) Human Environment Interaction

Why did people choose to settle near places like the Nile River and Yellow River?
a) Easy access to fresh water
b) Beautiful scenery
c) Easy to travel along the river
d) Good place to swim

People, goods, and ideas moving from one place to another
a) Human Environment Interaction
b) Place
c) Region
d) Movement

A group of places that have human and/or physical characteristics in common
a) Location
b) Region
c) Place
d) Movement

What it is like there (describes climate, plants, and people)
a) Location
b) Movement
c) Place
d) Region

Ancient Egypt's political system was a monarchy. In a monarchy who is in charge and how do they get power?
a) Tyrant; voted into power
b) King; voted into power
c) President; family (inheritance)
d) King; family (inheritance)

The tool on a map the shows cardinal and sometimes intermediate directions is called a...
a) Compass Rose
b) Map Key
c) Directional Arrows
d) North Pole Indicator

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