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Search Engine databases consist of copies of _________ and other documents
a) Links
b) Web Pages
c) Search Engines
d) Internet Browsers

All ___________ Engines offer web pages.
a) Surf
b) Internet
c) Browser
d) Search

__________ and consistency are important when using search engines.
a) Speed
b) Results
c) Graphics
d) Hyperlinks

For database web documents being ___________ is important.
a) up-to-date
b) first
c) slow
d) last

_____________ helps tell which web sites or documents are used most often.
a) Crawlers and Spiders
b) Spiders and Results
c) Crawlers and Results
d) None are correct

Search engines let you enter __________ to search them.
a) results
b) keywords
c) pictures
d) comments

All search engines return a list of ___________ that it thinks you are looking for.
a) results
b) browser
c) doucments
d) characters

Results from a web search is listed by ___________.
a) sponsors
b) availability
c) newest
d) ranking

Keywords from a web search are ____________ in the results.
a) hidden
b) highlighted
c) first
d) bold

______________ is an example of search engines
a) Yahoo
b) Google
c) Bing
d) All answers are correct

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