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Dropped out of high school and is a co-worker at Nye's Car Wash.
a) Lionel
b) Dontrell
c) Andre
d) Jamar

Who is Dontrell Neeves?
a) Lionel's friend in preschool.
b) Lionel's best friend
c) Lionel's cousin
d) Jamar's cousin

The principal of Bluford High School.
a) Mr. Grabowski
b) Ms. Spencer
c) Ms. Walker
d) Mr. Stevens

What teacher was concerned because Lionel was not doing well in her class.
a) Coleman
b) Stevens
c) Henley
d) Copeland

Why was Mrs. Shepard stationed overseas for a long time.
a) She was in the marines.
b) She was in the navy.
c) She was in the army.
d) She was a teacher in another country.

He is a hardworking truck driver who is often on the road.
a) Leroy Shephard
b) Keith Smith
c) Mr. Coleman
d) Mr. Brooks

The main character that is a freshman at Bluford High.
a) Steve
b) Lionel
c) Derrell
d) Jamar

She is in the fifth grade and is Lionel's sister.
a) Kendra
b) Sahara
c) Aisha
d) Jamee

Leroy Shepard's sister that has a daughter.
a) Malika
b) Mimi
c) Denise
d) Tasha

Mimi's daughter
a) Jamee
b) Sahira
c) Malika
d) Sahara

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