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Which of the following would you NOT want your dog to do to burglars?
a) Phil
b) Dent
c) Spec
d) Cogn

Which group has the closest meaning?
a) neo, nov, prim
b) anti, ced, phil
c) biblio, mob, para
d) anim, carn, con

Which word part means ''read''?
a) cogn
b) leg
c) ortho
d) via

Which word part means ''straight''?
a) via
b) spec
c) ortho
d) biblio

Who sails the stars?
a) archaeologist
b) philanthropist
c) astronaut
d) spectator

Who watches things happen?
a) archaeologist
b) philanthropist
c) astronaut
d) spectator

Murder of a foreigner is...
a) xenophobia
b) xenorexia
c) xenocide
d) xenomania

Lively pictures or images are otherwise known as...
a) animations
b) xenomaniacs
c) orthodontists
d) pedals

This object is named for its four right angles...
a) square
b) parallelogram
c) trapezoid
d) rectangle

State of being grateful or pleased
a) gratuity
b) synergy
c) mythology
d) astronomy

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