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Which of the following would be an adaption for survival in a desert?
a) An animal being active during the middle of the day
b) A bird having dark feathers that absorb sunlight as heat
c) A plant having a thick stem to store water
d) A plant having large leaves to gather sunlight

What is most likely to happen if an environment changes and a species does not have variations that are helpful in the new conditions?
a) Members of the species will try to change the environment
b) Members of the species will develop new adaptions
c) A new species will form from the existing species
d) The species will become extinct

A scientist wants to find the absolute, or actual, age of a rock. Which of these is the scientist most likely to use?
a) Radioactive dating
b) The Law of Superposition
c) The Geologic Time Scale
d) Ice Cores

At which level of classification are organisms able to breed with one another, producing fertile offspring?
a) Kingdom
b) Phylum
c) Genus
d) Species

Which of the following lists the divisions of the geologic time scale from longest to shortest?
a) epoch, eon, era, period
b) period, epoch, eon, era
c) eon, era, period, epoch
d) era, eon, period, epoch

Woodpeckers use their long beaks to dig for and eat insects living in the tree trunks. A new species of woodpecker with a very long beak envolves. Which statement best explains how the environment influenced the development of this new species?
a) A harmful mutation occurred in the gene for beak length
b) Insects that live deep in the trunks spread to trees in the woodpeckers' territory
c) The insect population increased, and birds that ate more insects grew longer beaks
d) The long beak is an adaption to help woodpeckers fight off predators

Which of these catastrophes do scientists think led to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs?
a) Volcanic eruption
b) Asteroid impact
c) Ice age
d) Earthquake

Which is the process that moves sediment from one location to another?
a) Erosion
b) Volcanic eruption
c) Deposition
d) Weathering

Which of the following is a true statement about bacteria?
a) They are many-celled
b) Their cells have no nucleus
c) Their cells lack cell walls
d) All are autotrophs

Which of the following best describes an adaption?
a) A trait that helps an organism survive
b) Any change in a gene or a chromosome
c) An trait of an organism
d) A trait that is passed from a parent to its offspring

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