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According to the law of conservation of mass, which of thee statements is true?
a) New matter is created in a chemical reaction.
b) Atoms are broken own into smaller parts in a chemical reation.
c) The mass of the reactants in a chemical reaction is greater than the mass of the products.
d) The mass of the products in a chemical reaction equals the mass of the reactants.

When substances are combined to formed a mixture,they
a) keep their original properties to form a mixture, they
b) form new chemical bonds.
c) form a new compound
d) cannot be separated physically

If you heat a liquid to determine the temperature at which it forms bubbles and changes to a gas, you are measuring
a) a physical property called conductivity
b) a chemical property called reactivity
c) a physical property called boiling point
d) a chemical property called solubility

Elements in the same column of the periodic table have
a) similar chemical properties
b) the same number of protons
c) similar atomic mass
d) atoms of the same size

which of these is a physical change
a) forming a percipitate
b) rusting
c) melting
d) burning

which is always true of a balanced chemical equation?
a) Coefficients on both sides of the equation are multiples of 2
b) The subscripts on one side of the equation are the same as the subscripts on the other side
c) The number of molecules is the same on both sides of the equation
d) Both sides of the equation are the same elements and the same number of atoms

Which of the following statements about elements is false
a) An element is a pure substance
b) An element is made up of compounds
c) An element is represented by a chemical symbol
d) Each element has it own atomic number

Where are the metalloids located in the periodic table
a) In the far left column
b) In the far right column
c) In the top row
d) On the step like line

Which is the most widely seen ethical issue related to biotechnology today
a) mutations
b) genetically modified organisms
c) cloning
d) organic foods

What is the benefit of biotechnology
a) It provides careers
b) it provides safe guards to disease
c) it provides economic benefits
d) all of the above

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