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What is used to label the columns in a spreadsheet
a) Letters
b) Numbers
c) symbols
d) cells

What is used to label rows in a spreadsheet
a) Letters
b) Numbers
c) Symbols
d) Cells

What menu do you click to enter a header?
a) file
b) format
c) view
d) insert

One page of an excel document is called?
a) spreadsheet
b) document
c) presentation
d) worksheet

Which choice will add to cells
a) A+B
b) =A1+B1
c) A1+B1
d) AB1

What is the best format for a cell that will have Money in it?
a) General
b) Other
c) Currency
d) Date

What are the boxes on a spreadsheet called
a) squares
b) charts
c) cells
d) info boxes

Graphs are called what in excel?
a) graphs
b) lines
d) Charts

What symbol is used to fill a cell (change its color)
a) a paint brush
b) a paint bucket
c) a painters hat
d) a letter with a red line under it.

What is the green menu bar sometimes called
a) green mile
b) green box
c) ribbon
d) main menu

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