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Which of the following is NOT a group that was targeted during the Holocaust?
a) Jews
b) gypsies
c) Nazis
d) mentally and physically handicapped

Where were Jews and other undesirables put during WWII/Holocaust?
a) Refugee Camps
b) Colonies
c) concentration camps
d) Russia

Why did the U.S. drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
a) to show Russia that they had nuclear weapons
b) to speed up the end of the war
c) to test out the atom bombs
d) to end the Holocaust

Hitler's plant to exterminate the entire Jewish population was called the __.
a) Munich Pact
b) Final Solution
c) Relocation Plan
d) Kristallnacht

Why did Germany surrender in May 1945?
a) Germany was being invaded from the east and west
b) Germany got tired of fighting a losing war
c) Germany ran our of weapons for its military
d) Germany wanted someone other than Hitler to control the gov't

In negotiating at the Munich Conference, Britain and France gave in to Hitler's demands for control of Sudetenland. In doing so, they were following a policy of __.
a) appeasement
b) isolationism
c) militarism
d) imperialism

During WWII, the goal of winning the war in the Pacific fell largely to what country?
a) China
b) Soviet Union
c) U.S.
d) Great Britain

What is the naval invasion of France by Allied forces known as?
a) Pearl Harbor Day
b) VE Day
c) VJ Day
d) D-Day

In the years between WWI and WWII, Japan moved toward a totalitarian government. Which group took control in Japan in the 1930s?
a) the middle class
b) the king
c) the clergy
d) the military

The U.S. responded to the growing totalitarian threat with a policy of __.
a) militarism
b) isolationism
c) appeasement
d) aggression

Which term best describes the type of government that Germany and Italy in the 1930s, prior to and during WWII?
a) monarchy
b) parliamentary
c) totalitarian
d) democractic

Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany by appealing to all of the following EXCEPT-
a) widespread economic fears
b) hatred of the Treaty of Versailles
c) national pride
d) a belief in democracy

Due to the Nuremburg Laws, Jews were made to wear __ in order to be identified during WWII.
a) uniforms
b) Star of David
c) name tags
d) red shirts

Which of the following is a characteristic of a totalitarian government?
a) individual rights are more important than those of the government
b) there is loose control of aspects of everyone's lives
c) peaceful strategies are used to control citizens
d) the government has total control of its citizens

Prior to WWII, the U.S. and Great Britain focused on fixiing their economic problems, Germany, Italy, and Russia focused on what?
a) restructuring into totalitarian governments
b) ignoring the problems
c) restructuring the social classes
d) creating new programs to help those out of work

What U.S. President developed the New Deal to improve the United State's economic problems?
a) Franklin D. Roosevelt
b) George Washington
c) Richard Nixon
d) Abraham Lincoln

Black Tuesday refers to what event?
a) the day Great Britian declared war on Germany
b) the day tha tWWI started for Americans
c) the day that Jewish shops and synagogues were destroyed in Geramny
d) the day of the stock market crash in the U.S.

What is an economic depression?
a) a period of high economic activity combined with very high unemployment
b) a period of very low economic activity combined with very h
c) a period of very high economic activity combined with very low unemployment
d) a period of average economic activity combined with average unemployment

What was one of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?
a) Germany had to recognize Austria as a separate country.
b) Germany had to leave the League of Nations.
c) Germany had to pay reparations to countries involved in WWI
d) German citizens were unable to travel outside of Germany or Austria

Which of the following best describes the Cold War?
a) A war that is fought in the winter
b) A war that is fought over ideologies (communism vs. democracy)
c) A war that is fought on mulitiple continents
d) A war that is fought with nuclear weapons

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