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What was the name of the Treaty?
a) Treaty of Paris
b) Treaty of Javier
c) Treaty of Tordesilla
d) Treaty of Spain

Who found Brazil?
a) Pedro Alvares Carbral
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Morgan Freeman
d) Ponce de Leon

Who took over Portegal after a revelution?
a) King George III
b) Joao IV
c) Lenardo Decaprio
d) George Washington

Who was threatened by parliament?
a) Micheal Jackson
b) King John
c) Marylin Manroe
d) Pedro I

What sport is most popular in Brazil?
a) Kickball
b) Soccer
c) Chess
d) Golf

What sport is not played in Brazil?
a) Soccer
b) Tennis
c) Kickball
d) Football

What is a famous city in brazil?
a) Rio
b) NYC
c) Los Angeles
d) Tokyo

Where did Soccer originate?
a) USA
b) China
c) Japan
d) Brazil

What country claimed Brazil?
a) Europe
b) Spain
c) Portegal
d) France

What country is this presentation about?
a) Brazil
b) Spain
c) USA
d) France

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