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Which soccer player has compassion?
a) Ronaldinho
b) Oscar
c) Rooney
d) Fred

Which soccerr player shows respect?
a) Ronaldo
b) Messi
c) Rooney
d) Ronaldinho

Which soccer player shows responsibility?
a) Williams
b) Messi
c) Fred
d) Howard

What character trait does Hulk show
a) Positivity
b) Positivity
c) Positivity
d) All of the above

Which soccer players ARE IN the powerpoint?
a) All of the above
b) Fred
c) Hulk
d) Ronaldinho

What color is the home Brazilian jersey
a) RED

Which soccer player shows integrity?
a) Kaka
b) Ronaldinho
c) Ronaldo
d) Oscar

Which soccer player shows motivation?
a) Neymar Jr.
b) Kaka
c) Hulk
d) Fred

Which soccer player is NOT in the powerpoint?
a) Kaka
b) Rooney
c) Fred
d) Hulk

Which soccer player serves his team?
a) Steve Jobs
b) Neymar Jr.
c) Oscar
d) Kaka

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