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Can Shakira dance?
a) Yes, she cans very well.
b) Yes, he can.
c) No, she can't dance at all.
d) Yes, she can.

Can teacher Isabella swim?
a) No, she don't can swim.
b) No, she no can swim.
c) No, she can't swim at all.
d) No, she can swim.

What is the correct question?
a) Can she plays any instrument?
b) Do can she play any instrument?
c) Can she play any instrument?
d) Does can she play any instrument.

What is the wrong sentence?
a) Lucas can play the guitar.
b) Can Cadu dances?
c) Can Luiza sing very well?
d) Marina and Vivi cannot speak japanese.

What is the wrong sentence?
a) I can't speak English at all.
b) He can't play any instruments.
c) They cannot dance ballet.
d) All senteces are correct.

_______________? Yes, my mother and my father can cook very well.
a) Can my mother and my father cook very well?
b) Your mother and your father can cook very well?
c) My mother and my father can cook very well?
d) Can your mother and your father cook very well?

Organize the question: MANY CAN MARY HOT DOGS HOW EAT?
a) How hot dogs many can Mary eat?
b) How many can eat Mary hot dogs?
c) How many hot dogs Mary can eat?
d) How many hot dogs can Mary eat?

Which super heroes can fly?
a) Superman and Batman
b) Spiderman and Iron man
c) Thor and Hulk
d) Wonder woman and Spiderman

Which animal can't run fast?
a) ostrich
b) rabbit
c) leopard
d) turtle

Which vegetable can't be cooked?
a) Potato
b) tomato
c) lettuce
d) carrot

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