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what command did we use to hook our new view controller to the app?
a) #import
b) # alloc
c) # init
d) # hashtag

which of the following is the file that defines classes?
a) .h
b) .m
c) xib
d) storyboard

which of the following is an object you can insert in objective c
a) label
b) class
c) method
d) interface

you can insert a keyboard in xcode without typing code
a) true
b) false
c) largemouth bass
d) yellow bellied sapsucker

the tuxedo view is also called what?
a) companion
b) object view
c) controller view
d) file view

how do you link objects on your view controller to the .m file?
a) ctrl click
b) link - objects
c) manually type @ interface
d) select the xib file and drag it onto the .h file in the file folder

which symbol do you use to declare a variable in objective c?
a) *
b) (
c) #
d) :)

On which side of the xcode screen is the inspector?
a) right
b) top
c) bottom
d) left

which of the following can be used as a replacement for a xib file?
a) storyboard.main
b) .h
c) .m
d) app delegate

how do you create a new view controller?
a) right click on the main folder in your file list
b) go to insert - new view controller
c) write code
d) source control - view controller

What version of xcode did we use for the project?
a) 5
b) 4
c) 7
d) 2

what does deployment target deal with?
a) version of iOS
b) size of screen
c) .h file
d) .m file

in depth coding is required to allow your app to recognize touch gestures
a) false
b) true
c) walter payton
d) barry sanders

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