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When a cheetah hunts and kills a gazelle for energy, this is an example of
a) mutualism
b) commensalism
c) predator and prey
d) parasitism

the process by which energy moves through an ecosystem can be represented by
a) food chains
b) energy pyramid
c) food webs
d) all of the above

In the ecosystem, there should be the largest amount of ______________, so there is enough energy to move through the food chain.
a) producers
b) carnivores
c) herbivores
d) scavengers

A beneficial association between coral and algae, where one provides food in order to receive protection, is an example of
a) commensalism
b) parasitism
c) mutualism
d) predation

Carrying Capacity of the populations depend on
a) competition
b) mutualism
c) parasitism
d) limiting factors

Nature's recyclers are
a) predators
b) decomposers
c) producers
d) omnivores

Resources such as water, food, or sunlight are likely to be limiting factors
a) When population size is decreasing
b) When predators eat their prey
c) When the population is small
d) When a population is approaching the carrying capacity

A tick sucks blood from a dog. In this relationship the tick is the ___ and the dog is the ____
a) Parasite, prey
b) Predator, host
c) Parasite, host
d) Host, parasite

An organism that eats plants and animals is called
a) a producer
b) an omnivore
c) a carnivore
d) a herbivore

Which of the following is the correct order in a food chain?
a) sun--) producers--)herbivores--)scavengers--)carnivores
b) sun--)consumers--)predators--)parasites--)hosts
c) sun--)producers--)decomposers--)consumers--)omnivores
d) sun--)producers--)herbivores--)carivores--)scavengers

Which of the following is NOT a prey adaptation?
a) Camouflage
b) Chemical Defenses
c) Warning coloration
d) Parasitism

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