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a) Boyle's gas law
b) Charles's gas law
c) Ideal gas law
d) Combined gas law

a) Boyle's
b) Charles's
c) Gay-Lussac's
d) Ideal's gas law

a) Boyle's
b) Charles's
c) Gay-Lussac's
d) Ideal gas law

What happens to the particles in a liquid as the kinetic energy increases?
a) It slows down.
b) It speeds up.
c) It stays the same.
d) It disappears.

What's the correct statement for increasing density?
a) liquids, gases, solids
b) solids, liquids, gases
c) liquids, solids, gases
d) gases, liquids, solids

What's kinetic energy?
a) energy of motion
b) stored energy
c) energy
d) energy to sleep

What's diffusion?
a) movement of particles
b) movement of particles from a lower concentration to a higher concentration
c) movement of particles from higher concentration to lower concentration
d) movement from low concentration to lower concentration

At first, a gas occupies a volume of 16 liters at a pressure of 1.3 atm. What is the final pressure when the final volume is 32 liters?
a) Charles's
b) Boyle's
c) Gay-Lussac's
d) Combined gas law

A chemist produces 360 mL of oxygen gas at - 26 °C and constant pressure. To what Celsius temperature must the oxygen be warmed in order for it to have a volume of 350 mL?
a) Boyle's
b) Charles's
c) Gay-Lussac's
d) Combined gas law

Constant volume and P1/T1=P2/T2
a) Boyle's
b) Charles's
c) Gay-Lussac's
d) Combined gas law

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