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Which is the Olympic motton ?
a) Fair Play
b) Citius- Altius- Fortius.
c) The important is to participate.
d) Anima sana in corpore sano.

Who expressed for the first time what nowadays is the Olympic motton?
a) Piere de Coubetin
b) Zeus
c) Henri Didon
d) Nelson Mandela

Where were the first Olympic game celebrated?
a) In Olympia, Greece
b) In Olympiacos, Greece
c) In Athens
d) In Rome

Which are the Olympics values ?
a) Excellence, leadership and respect.
b) Excellence, friendship and respect.
c) Fair play.
d) Competition and participation.

What do the Olympic rings symbolize?
a) Represents the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes.
b) Nothing it is just a logo
c) Represents the competition beetween countries.
d) Represents the union of all the sports.

When are the Paralympic games celebrated?
a) In winter time.
b) Just after the summer Olympic games.
c) Every two years
d) In London

Who has the current femaleĀ“s 100 m Olympic record?
a) Florence Griffith
b) Marion Jones
c) Carmelita Jeter
d) Irena Isinbayeva

Where will the next Olympic games be held?
a) In Madrid, Spain.
b) In Tokio, Japan.
c) In Pyeongchang, South Korea
d) In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Where were the last winter games celebrated?
a) In Moscou, Russia.
b) In Sochhi, Russia.
c) In Nagano, Canada

When was the first Olympic torch relay held?
a) In Berlin 1936.
b) In Barcelona 1992
c) In London 2012
d) In Paris 1913.

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