Chapter 14.2-D Animals And Behavior Question Preview (ID: 1922)

Section 2: Animals Behavior. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A behavior that does not depend on experience is ___.
a) innate
b) no of the answers
c) environmental
d) learned

In the summer, an animal enters a state of reduce activity. The animal is ___.
a) mirgating
b) estivating
c) hibernating
d) navigating

Daily cycles are knows as ___.
a) biological clocks
b) territorial
c) circadian rhythms
d) submission

___ is an animal's internal control of natural cycles.
a) Hibernation
b) Estivation
c) Navigation
d) The biological clock

Some animals use the Earth's magnetic field to ___.
a) navigate
b) communicate
c) hibernate
d) camouflage

An organism that eats other organims is a ___.
a) producer
b) predator
c) prey
d) none of the answers

Blending in with the background is called ___.
a) warning coloration
b) freezing
c) hibernation
d) camouflage

Web building is a or an ___ behavior in spiders.
a) learned
b) innate
c) both of the answers
d) none of the answer

Animals ___ as they travel from one place to another.
a) migrate
b) hibernate
c) estivate
d) all of the answers

An animal that is being eaten by another animal is the ___.
a) prey
b) preditor
c) producer
d) decomposer

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