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What system removes liquid waste from our body and regulates water in the body?
a) Nervous
b) Excretory
c) Skeletal
d) Musculatory

The main components of the excretory system are the bladder, urethra, ureters, and ________.
a) kidney
b) heart
c) lungs
d) intestine

The endocrine system filters your _______.
a) oxygen
b) kidneys
c) blood
d) food

This word refers to the kidneys.
a) renal
b) endocrine
c) digestive
d) circulatory

The body's first line of defense is the ________
a) antibodies
b) skin
c) hair
d) antibiotics

What is another name for white blood cells?
a) cancerous cells
b) hormones
c) luekocytes
d) bone marrow

These are made in your body to fight specific pathogens?
a) antibodies
b) vaccines
c) viruses
d) lysosomes

Any organism or agent(virus) that causes illness.
a) antibody
b) vaccine
c) pathogen
d) muscle

These are made using a destroyed or weakened virus that is injected into the body.
a) vaccine
b) antibiotics
c) steroids
d) antibodies

Along with bones these operate the human body.
a) proteins
b) muscles
c) veins
d) lungs

Muscles use a lot of energy and their cells often contain a lot of ____.
a) protein
b) oxygen
c) hormones
d) iron

The nervous consists of the ________, nerves and spinal cord.
a) lungs
b) brain
c) heart
d) skin

The nervous system controls most of the body and is compared to the ______ in the cells.
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) centriole
d) Ribosomes

The main organ of the respiratory system is the ________.
a) lungs
b) heart
c) nose
d) mouth

The respiratory system allows ______ to enter the blood and carbon dioxide to leave.
a) glucose
b) Oxygen
c) vitamins
d) nutrients

The digestive system provides energy for this process and the respiratory system provides oxygen for this process.
a) photosynthesis
b) cellular respiration
c) reproduction
d) respiration

The skeletal system consists of ______ that support the body and protect organs.
a) muscle
b) skin
c) bones

The endocrine system is responsible for _______ that control most cell function
a) antibodies
b) steroids
c) hormones
d) signals

Hormones are secreted by ______.
a) pores
b) glands
c) large intestine
d) brain

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