Chapter 14.2-C Animals And Behavior Question Preview (ID: 1921)

Section 2-C: Animal Behavior.

The word circadian means ___.
a) around the clock
b) around the day
c) daily
d) hourly

which of the following behaviors is controlled by a biological clock?
a) estivation
b) breeding
c) stockpiling food
d) all the answers

Each year, artic terns make a 38,000 km round trip from the Northern Hemisphere to antarctica.
a) migration
b) hibernation
c) estivation
d) a circadian rhythm

Jet lag is a result of ___.
a) being too excited to sleep
b) circadian rhythms
c) a seasonal biological clock
d) estivation

Which of the following are NOT used by animals to navigate?
a) landmarks
b) smell
c) Earth's magnetic field
d) camouflage

Some birds have ___ in their heads above their nostrils that help them to navigate.
a) an internal map
b) iron ore
c) tiny magnetite crystals
d) a memory cell

An animal's tendency to be active at night is ___.
a) innate behavior
b) a learned behavior
c) developeed through conditioning
d) taught to the animal

The abilbity to perform a behavior is often innate, but the final shape of the genetically programmed behavior is often the result of ___.
a) learning
b) experience
c) observing other animals
d) all of the answers

Eating with utensils at the dinner table is a or an ___ behavior.
a) innate
b) learned
c) territorial
d) submissive

Which of the following involves learned behavior?
a) a bird using a twig to hunt an insect
b) a macdaque washing the sand off a sweet potato
c) a dog coming when called
d) all of the answers

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