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Which right is protected by the 8th Amendment?
a) Trial by jury
b) No cruel or unusual punishment
c) Right to confront your accuser
d) Right to know the charges against you

Which right is protected by the 9th Amendment?
a) Other implied rights not specifically granted in the Constitution
b) No unreasonable searches or seizures
c) No cruel or unusual punishment
d) Right to bear arms

Which of the following is NOT a right protected by the 6th Amendment?
a) Speedy Trial
b) Eminent Domain
c) Right to a lawyer
d) Public trial

What right is protected by the 7th amendment?
a) No cruel or unusual punishment
b) No slavery
c) Right to a jury trial in a civil case
d) No excessive bail

Which of the following would NOT be protected under the 5th Amendment?
a) Due process
b) Right to remain silent
c) No douible jeopardy
d) Right to a speedy trial

Which right is protected by the third amendment?
a) Right to remain silent
b) Right to a trial by jury
c) No quartering of soldiers
d) No cruel or unusual punishment

Which scenario would be a violation of your 4th Amendment rights?
a) Police randomly searching people on the street
b) Not being able to testify in you own defense
c) Being fined for burning the American flag
d) Having a jury member who was a victim of a hit and run accident while you are on trial for a hit and run

Which of the following rights would NOT be found in the First Amendment
a) Right to petition
b) Freedom of the Press
c) No establishment of a state religion
d) No quartering of troops

Which right is protected by the Second Amendment?
a) Freedom of speech
b) Right to bear arms
c) Right to arm bears
d) Right to an attorney

Which court case established the Supreme Court's power of judicial review?`
a) Plessy v. Ferguson
b) Brown v. Board of Education
c) Mapp v. Ohio
d) Marbury v. Madison

What type of jurisdiction does the Supreme Court have?
a) Appellate and Original
b) Original only
c) Appellate only
d) Foreign only

For how long do federal judges serve?
a) Six years
b) For life
c) As long as the President who appointed them is in office
d) 10 years

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