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A material that reflects or absorbs all of the light that strikes it is
a) translucent
b) transparent
c) diffuse reflection
d) opaque

___________ are long, thin strands of glass or plastic that carry light for long distances
a) optical fibers
b) holograms
c) mirages
d) laser beams

___________ can be corrected by a convex lens.
a) astigmatism
b) farsightedness
c) nearsightedness
d) blindness

Under green light, a red object appears _________.
a) blue
b) green
c) black
d) yellow

A lens that is thinner in that middle than at the edges is a ____________ lens.
a) sunglasses
b) micro
c) convex
d) concave

The colored part of the eye is the
a) retina
b) cornea
c) iris
d) pupil

A laser produces light that
a) has many colors
b) spreads out in many directions
c) is incoherent
d) is coherent

An image that only seems to be where it is seen is a _________ image
a) mirage
b) virtual
c) real
d) imaginary

A measure of how much a ray of light bends when it enters an object is
a) mirage
b) interference
c) index of refrction
d) reflection

A convex lens can form
a) either a real image or a virtual image
b) a virtual image
c) a real image
d) a reflection

The scattering of light off an uneven surface is called
a) regular reflection
b) refraction
c) diffuse reflection
d) total internal reflection

A substance that does not transmit light is
a) translucent
b) opaque
c) transparent
d) polarized

The layer of cells lining the inside of the eyeball is the
a) pupil
b) retina
c) cornea
d) iris

An object that consists of two convex lenses, one at each end of a long tube, in order to see distant objects is
a) laser
b) refracting telescope
c) reflecting telescope
d) microscope

Complete reflection of light by the inside surface of a medium
a) index of refraction
b) resonance
c) image
d) total internal reflection

An image formed when rays actually meet at a point, which is an upside down or inverted image.
a) virtual image
b) real image
c) hologram
d) mirage

A curved piece of glass or other transparent material that is used to refract light.
a) camera
b) lens
c) light
d) laser beams

The transparent front surface of the eye (like a windshield) that light enters the eye through
a) pupil
b) iris
c) cornea
d) retina

A short, thick nerve that signals from the rods and cones travel to your brain along
a) optical fibers
b) optic nerve
c) ciliary muscles
d) blood vessels

Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is referred to as
a) mirage
b) hologram
c) image
d) laser

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