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Corn Quiz.

Corn stage symbolized by an R represent _____________ stages
a) Reproductive
b) Rancid
c) Recombinant
d) Repugnant

The ancestor of modern corn is ___________.
a) Fescue
b) Maize
c) Teosinte
d) Sudan

Corn oil is used to make _____________.
a) Butter
b) Motor Oil
c) Cocoa
d) Margarine

Corn is classified as a ________________.
a) Mammal
b) Monocot
c) Dicot
d) Perennial

Corn has _______________ veins.
a) Parallel
b) Divergent
c) Convergent
d) Net-like

G.H. _______ developed the first hybrid corn.
a) Shull
b) Chandler
c) Grandmaster C
d) Jones

The corn product used in soft drinks is corn _________.
a) Oil
b) Syrup
c) Flour
d) Powder

A fuel made from corn is ____________.
a) Diesel.
b) Hydrogen.
c) Sunlight.
d) Ethanol.

The Pronto Pup is a kind of corn _______.
a) Dog
b) Cat
c) Cow
d) Horse

The corn stages that begin with V are _________.
a) Vendetta
b) Vengeance
c) Vegetative
d) Vivisection

Nebraska's mascot is the Corn ___________.
a) Head
b) Cob
c) Stalk
d) Husker

Corn that has mulit-colored kernals is called _____ corn
a) Indian
b) Pop
c) Field
d) Dent

Corn roots that hold up the plant are called _____ roots
a) Brace
b) Prop
c) Both Brace and Prop
d) Fibrous

Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois are part of the corn ______.
a) Belt
b) Shoe
c) Trousers
d) Socks

A bushel of corn weighs ____ pounds.
a) 60
b) 45
c) 80
d) 56

Bt corn is genetically engineered to kill the _____.
a) Corn borer
b) Monarch butterfly
c) Mosquito
d) House cat

The hairs on an ear of corn are called _______.
a) Satins
b) Silks
c) Hairs
d) Epidermal projections

Ear size is being determined during the V___ stage.
a) Twelve
b) Eight
c) Six
d) Three

If corn was in the army, its' rank would be ______.
a) Private
b) Corporal
c) Sergeant
d) Colonel (Kernal)

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