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The bones of a whale flipper are similar to the bones of a bat wing, what does this similarity in bone structure suggest about the whale and the bat?
a) They use the same methods to travel.
b) They evolved from a common ancestor.
c) They can migrate to the same locations.
d) They can manipulate objects in the same way.

Which of the following questions may best be answered by studying an organism’s chromosomes?
a) What sex is the organism?
b) Is the organism endangered?
c) Where is the organism’s ecosystem?
d) How does the organism obtain its food?

Which of the following best describes the number of chromosomes in a normal human liver cell?
a) 23 pairs of chromosomes
b) 46 different types of chromosomes
c) 46 male chromosomes and 46 female chromosomes
d) 23 original chromosomes and 23 duplicate chromosomes

Which of the following is the primary advantage of sexual reproduction when compared to asexual reproduction?
a) There is a greater number of offspring.
b) There is more food available to offspring.
c) There is greater genetic variety in offspring.
d) There is a longer development time for offspring.

The cows in a rancher’s herd of cattle have been selectively bred to produce milk. Which of the following will cause the next generation of cows to receive the trait for producing large quantities of milk?
a) nutrients in the cows’ food
b) essential minerals in the cows’ water
c) electrical impulses in the cows’ brains
d) information in the cows’ chromosomes

Comparing the skeletons of which of the following fish would best show the evolution of a fish species?
a) a male fish and a female fish that could produce offspring
b) the same fish just before it received a cut and after it healed
c) a fish that lived recently and a fish that lived a long time ago
d) the same fish just after it hatched and when it was full-grown

Most of the bacteria in a forest ecosystem are best classified as which of the following types of organisms?
a) consumers
b) decomposers
c) predators
d) producers

Substances enter any plant or animal cell by passing through which of the following structures?
a) nucleus
b) cell membrane
c) vacuole
d) chloroplast

Jerome crossed two purple-flowered plants. The offspring produced from this cross had either white flowers or purple flowers, which of the following statements best explains why some of the offspring have white flowers?
a) These offspring were created by asexual reproduction.
b) These offspring were produced in a dark environment.
c) These offspring inherited a DNA sequence coding for white flowers from each parent plant.
d) These offspring inherited a DNA sequence coding for white flowers from only one parent plant.

Two dogs of the same breed that have different coat colors. The instructions that determine coat color are stored in the
a) cytoplasm of skin cells.
b) membrane of every cell.
c) mitochondria of hair cells.
d) chromosomes of every cell.

Human activity most likely contributes to which of the following changes on Earth?
a) an increase in the length of a day
b) a decrease in the number of volcanic eruptions
c) a decrease in the magnitude of large earthquakes
d) an increase in the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide

A student prepared the following list of characteristics about a cellular organelle. • present in animal cells • present in plant cells • helps make energy available to the cell. Which of the following cellular structures is the student describing?
a) cell wall
b) chloroplast
c) mitochondrion
d) nucleus

Some types of bacteria can only live where oxygen is not present. These bacteria were well adapted to life on Earth over 2 billion years ago. Which of the following changes caused many of these bacteria to become extinct?
a) the slow movement of tectonic plates
b) the varying temperatures of each season
c) an increase in volcanic activity under the oceans
d) an increase in the number of photosynthetic organisms

Which of the following parts of the human body is most complex?
a) heart
b) kidney
c) white blood cells
d) central nervous system

Which of the following parts of a plant cell has a function that is most similar to the function of an animal skeleton?
a) cell membrane
b) cell wall
c) chloroplast
d) nucleus

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