Chapter 14.2-B Animals And Behavior Question Preview (ID: 1919)

Section 2-B: Animal Behavior.

Innate behaviors are influnced by ___.
a) environment
b) observation
c) genes
d) experiences

A bird does not sing until it is nearly grown even though the tendency of a bird to sing is ___.
a) an innate behavior
b) both learned and innate behavior
c) influenced by oserving parents singing
d) a learned behavior

Which of the following is a learned behavior?
a) a person's tendency to speak
b) a baby's tendency to walk
c) a baby's tendency to suck
d) a person use of a specific language

The fact that a puppy can be trained to not chew on things other than food shows that ___.
a) a puppy\'s tendency to chew is learned
b) an innate behavior can be modified
c) a learned behavior can be modified
d) a puppy's tendency to chew is inherited.

When birds fly south for the winter and return north for the summer, they are ___.
a) hibernating
b) just exercising
c) estivating
d) migrating

Each winter, monarch butterflies travel and return to central Mexico to wait for spring. This behavior is an example of ___.
a) estivation
b) hibernation
c) migration
d) competition

Surviving on stored body fat, decreased body temperature, and inactivity during the winter ___.
a) migration
b) navigation
c) estivation
d) hibernation

Which of the following animals hibernate?
a) birds
b) squirrels
c) whales
d) chimpanzees

Which of the following animals experience estivation?
a) desert squirrels
b) butterflies
c) bears
d) salmon

Which of the following activities is controlled by circadian rhythm?
a) storing food for the winter
b) flying south for the winter
c) waking up at the same time every day
d) sleeping through the winter

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