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Why are frogs considered an indicator species for water quality?
a) They are easily killed by direct contact with pollutants.
b) They are able to break down pollutants.
c) They come into direct contact with pollutants and show readily observed effects like deformities.
d) They develop disease when they come in direct contact with pollutants.

Which member of the following food chain is most likely to be affected by mercury, a pollutant. ( Think biomagnification) Food chain: - Algae - Zooplankton - Salmon - Bear
a) Algae
b) Zooplankton
c) Salmon
d) Bear

How might an introduced plant species kill native plant species? Think Kudza plants.
a) Its rapid growth can deprive native plants of sunlight.
b) Its rapid growth can deprive native plants of food.
c) It can cause soil loss from erosion.
d) Its can deprive the native plant from oxygen.

What is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity on Earth?
a) Habitat destruction
b) loss of drinking water
c) decrease in food supply
d) pollution

In which biome is biodiversity most threatened?
a) Tropical rain forest
b) grasslands
c) tiaga
d) wetland

Why might an introduced animal species over run a native species in an ecosystem?
a) Its population size is smaller than those of native species.
b) it is more energy efficient, so it eats less food.
c) It is a predator of the native species.
d) It often has no natural enemies.

What incident led to the clean air act after 20 people dies in a small town due to smog?
a) The dropping of the atomic bomb
b) Inverson smog in Donora Pennsylvania
c) Three Mile Island nuclear explosion
d) None of the above

What does the endangered species act do?
a) It provides food for endangered species.
b) It protects organisms that are near extinction and their environment.
c) It protects populations of animals from predators
d) It protects endangered plant species.

Why does clear cutting of trees lead to a loss of biodiversity?
a) Lumber companies kill the animals in an area when they cut trees.
b) An entire ecosystem is destroyed when all the trees in an area are cut down.
c) To much sunlight enters the area after the trees are cut down.
d) Trees seedlings cannot be produced.

Imagine one day you can't go to school because a river is now in the way. This is an example of _________________________ because a barrier is formed that prevents you from moving within home city or area.
a) introduced species
b) habitat fragmentation
c) a disaster
d) clean air act

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